A premier online business law firm for entrepreneurs launching in Australia

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We're a premier online business law firm for entrepreneurs launching in Australia

Are you an entrepreneur considering launching your idea in Australia?

Well you've come to the right place.

We're an online business law firm based in Sydney Australia working with Australia's best entrepreneurs. 

Our clients range from freelancers, small business owners to clients working 9 to 5 while launching a business or even transitioning to full time business ownership. 

As a law firm experienced in working with solopreneurs and small businesses, we can help you get your legals without the daunting red tape and we can even help you phase your legals to manage your startup costs. 

Our motto is you shouldn't have to wait until you are 'big enough' to afford quality business legal services. You should have access now because you should be able to launch and grow confidently.

Whatever your idea stage, if you are an entrepreneur launching in Australia, we can work with you.  

Some key benefits of working with us

Remote delivery

Your work is delivered remotely, there are no appointments and no appointment fees. 

Work around your 9 to 5 and send us your customisation requests conveniently.

Quality legals

Quality, check.

We deliver quality business legal services. You have time to review and request revisions so your legals are tailored for your business.


We have a special bonus for you. 

For a limited time, when you book a service with us, we're offering $220 off your Australian privacy policy to help you with your startup costs.

So how do we work with you? Here's how in just 3 steps:


E-starter pack

Once you are ready to begin work, you'll receive a starter pack with your client letter setting out the work we'll do for you and our trust account details for your legal fee.


Work begins

We'll work with you remotely. If you have requested contracts, you can conveniently review and request your contracts online and request customisation.

The rights of shareholders with over 50% voting rights



Most of our work is delivered to you online within 3 to 7 working days depending on client demand. To get the best quality customised legal work, get in touch as early as you can.

How to call shareholder meetings for a private Australian company

Meet the founder

Vivian Michael - Lawyer Founder

Vivian Michael - Lawyer, Founder of Michael Law Group

I founded Michael Law Group in 2014 to bring practical solutions to entrepreneurs Australia-wide. 

My mission is to make quality business legal services and products accessible to all entrepreneurs launching in Australia.

You should not have to wait until your business is 'big' to get quality business legal advice. Get it now so you can launch and grow confidently.

Get in touch because I love to hear from you about the legal help you value for your entrepreneur journey: vivian@michaellawgroup.com.au 1800 478 210. 

What you can expect when you work with us

When you work with us, you can expect the following: 

  • Client confidentiality, we don't share your ideas;
  • Prompt replies to your queries before and after you are a client (usually within 24 hours to 48 hours) and notice if there will be a delay responding to you;
  • Transparent fixed legal fees; 
  • Advice about any change in legal fees if there is a work scope change (before extra work begins); 
  • Quality legal work and service; and 
  • Courteous assistance. We treat all our clients well.

Got questions? Call or email us 1800 478 278 or info@michaellawgroup.com.au

About Michael Law Group

Michael Law Group is a transparent fixed fee business law firm for entrepreneurs launching in Australia, we are based in Sydney Australia.

We help entrepreneurs like you with everything from setting up business structures to drafting all sorts of quality business contracts to help you launch and grow a business in Australia. 

Get in touch today on 1800 478 278 or info@michaellawgroup.com.au

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