January 7, 2020

CSF offer must be for ordinary shares

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CSF offer must be for shares?

Updated: 29 January 2021

In addition to other requirements when a CSF offer is made, your company's CSF offer MUST be an offer of fully-paid ordinary shares.

And, the CSF intermediary is a single platform that may publish a CSF’s offer. 

Fully paid shares

The company’s CSF offer must be for fully-paid ordinary shares and NOT other types of securities like partly-paid shares or preference shares. 

No sale or transfers

The offer may be for an issue of shares but not the sale of shares or a transfer or sale of shares that have already been issued.

Sale restriction

Investors are not able to sell shares purchased under a CSF offer within 12 months of their issue without a prospectus or other disclosure document, unless an exemption in s. 708 of the Corporations Act applies (e.g. sales to sophisticated or professional investors) or unless ASIC gives relief.

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