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Giveaway Terms

Last updated: 20 January 2021 ©

Michael Law Group sometimes runs giveaways and these are the terms for those giveaways. 

Australian business law firm 

Our legal drafting giveaways are for Australian businesses because Michael Law Group is an Australian law firm. It's OK if you live overseas, but your business must be an Australian one to be eligible for one of our legal drafting giveaways.

Time frame to enter into our giveaways

Our giveaways are available for a limited time, and we'll state the time limit on the giveaway promotion. We generally do not extend the time frame for our giveaways, and if we do so, we'll let you know in writing on the promotion. Also if we extend a giveaway time frame on one occassion, this does not mean we'll do this for other giveaways. 


You'll need to be 18 or older to participate in our giveaways. If we doubt your age, we may ask you for proof. 

Business profile 

We may profile your business on our social media or website, as a client that we have helped. You can tell us if there is anything you don't want to share, we'll always respect your privacy. 

Time frame to redeem your giveaway

If you have won a product from us, for example, a legal contract or document, you have 3 months from the date you have won your giveaway to redeem it, unless we state a shorter time period in the giveaway promotion. 

Not redeemable for cash 

Our giveaways are not redeemable for cash.

What we expect from our giveaway recipients:

  • Some of our giveaways may involve rules like visiting another social media channel and following us or liking a post etc. you need to comply with these giveaway rules to be eligible for the giveaway. 
  • while you won't have to pay anything for your giveaway, we'll need you to sign a client engagement & cost disclosure which outlines the work we'll be completing for you. The costs section of this agreement will read $0 because you are receiving a giveaway.
  • We require you to sign a client engagement letter and costs disclosure agreement before we start any work for you because this agreement outlines the work we'll do for you. 

Revision work for your giveaway

If your giveaway involves drafting work, you have up to 3 rounds of revision within the first date of drafting unless otherwise agreed. If we offer flexibility and vary our review times and/or rounds of revision, our leniency does not waive our right to enforce this clause in future instances for the same or other matters.

We reserve our right to change our document revision policy for our giveaways. We will notify you of any changes on this web page. 


We take care to ensure that giveaway terms are displayed correctly. In the event that our giveaway terms are incorrect, we reserve our right to correct the error. We will not be liable for any claim in relation to a giveaway error.   

Our partners

We may collaborate with other organisations for our giveaways. We have absolutely no control over our partners giveaways or their rules. You need to speak with them directly about their giveaway terms. 

You may reach us on 1800 478 278 in Australia or +61 2 9151 7322 form overseas, at or using the contact forms if you have any questions about Michael Law Group giveaways or about us generally. 

Vivian Michael