Employment or Contractor Agreement $660 incl. GST

What's included ?

We can draft either an employment OR contractor agreement for you depending on your business needs. Each agreement is priced at $660 (including GST).

Employment and contractor agreements clarify work expectations and can protect your startup.

An Employment Agreement sets out rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

Each of our employment agreements includes anti-compete and intellectual property protection, entitlements and termination provisions plus custom clauses and an offer letter.

Are you hiring a contractor ?

Our contract agreements cover fees and payment, scope of work, intellectual property ownership, confidentiality, dispute resolution, subcontracting, restraints and termination plus custom clauses.

Not sure which one you need or whether to hire an employee or contractor ? That's ok, we're glad to help you with that too!

How can we help you ?

Australia: 1300 478 278 | Overseas: +61 2 9151 7322