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The difference between legal information and legal advice

By Vivian Michael | Startup , Startup Contracts

Photo by rawpixel on UnsplashSo you’ve probably seen a few disclaimers that read like this ‘legal information, not a substitute for legal advice’. We use a disclaimer like this ourselves on our downloads. This post will help you know the difference between legal information and advice and the importance of the difference.Legal informationLegal information is generic. It explains a […]

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Director changes & ASIC records

By Vivian Michael | Company

Our practical tips for director changes and ASIC records A director resigns,  you need to add a new director either on an ongoing basis or for a specific time period,  either way,  you will need to record the change internally and you will need to let ASIC know. Here are our tips. Too busy to read on? […]

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4 things to know before you accept an Australian director position

By Vivian Michael | Business Structures , Startup

What does it mean to be a company director? we’ll take you through what should know about the key duties before you accept a director position. A company is operated by directors and secretaries. Both have obligations under Australian legislation.  Limited liability, the ability to allocate shares to investors and a favourable tax regime are all perks […]

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