Australian online business lawyer for startups


An online business lawyer to help you launch in Australia.

We help your local or overseas startup launch and grow in Australia.

Why us?

Here are some good reasons...

Fixed fees

Surprise free fixed fees. Pay for your legal work, not our office.

Remote service delivery

Remote delivery, the preferred choice of our 9-5 + startup clients.

Startup business specialty

We only deliver business legal services to our clients.

"I started Michael Law Group in 2014 to make quality business legal services accessible to startups that would otherwise DIY, rely on legacy contracts or go without."

Vivian Michael - Lawyer  Founder

Vivian Michael I Founder I Lawyer I CPA

Feature Highlights

Some of our great features


Fixed fees

How it works: We send you a fixed fee quote for our legal services & any third party expenses. 

Our fees are upfront and clear and include all phone calls, emails and delivery of your legal work. 


An online business lawyer for startups


remote service delivery

How it works: After we deliver your first draft, you may review and request further customisation from anywhere in the world.

All your legal work is prepared by a qualified Australian business lawyer. 



100% independEnt

Michael Law Group is 100% independently owned and operated.

This means that we don't answer to external investors and are 100% focused on delivering services that empower your startup.

A business lawyer for startups launching in Australia

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