About Michael Law Group

Vivian Michael set up Michael Law Group  in 2014 to offer quality legal services to clients that felt lawyer's for entrepreneurs were out of reach and inaccessible. 

Our vision is to offer simple, accessible business and employment legal services. 

Our HQ is in beautiful Double Bay NSW, but we work flexibly with clients both online and in person. Our clients are across Australia. We also work with client's living overseas, as long as their request relates to an Australian business. 

“We help you confidently launch, scale or exit”


Business legal services


Your first step before you enter into contracts is to setup your business structure.

We can help you with choosing your structure and setting it up. In Australia you have the choice of sole trader, partnership, company and trust structures.


Next, after you've set up your business structure, you'll want to get your website legals sorted before launch. We can help you with these. 

So what exactly are the website legals you'll need? Typically, terms for website use, shipping, returns, pricing policy and a GPPR compliant privacy policy. 


We draft an extensive range of business contracts. The most in demand legals amongst clients in their first few years of operation are shareholders agreements, founders agreements and also employment and contractor agreements. We draft many more tailored contracts for all aspects of client business operation as well.  


If you are in a business dispute, we can offer a disputes service to help you. First, we'll help you negotiate outside of court wherever possible, and we can help you with court if that's required also.

Our passion is helping business owners and employees understand their rights. 

No, we are not a traditional law firm. 

We know you can feel stressed or nervous when you speak to a lawyer and make sure the language we use is understandable and avoid legal jargon. 

Clients love that we are friendly, professional and experienced and we love helping them start a new chapter. Some want to start their own business and need advice about exiting an employment contract or want to take up a new career. We help our clients negotiate a stress-free exit and a new start.

Other clients are serial entrepreneurs, and we help them set up many more businesses.

Whatever stage you are at, we’ll partner with you to help you reach your biggest, most audacious goals.

Achieving the best results for you matters to us so collaboration is important. We tailor our legal services to address your specific needs.

When you need specialised business or employment help, book your free confidential consultation with us.

Achieve your biggest, most audacious goals.

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