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Business structures in Australia

By Vivian Michael | Business Structures

Photo by Laura Cros on UnsplashEver wondered which business structures are popular in Australia? and how they work? (and no, I am not talking about the physical structures you can see in the picture above!).  There are 4 main business structures in Australia, these are 1) sole trader 2) company 3) partnership and 4) trust. Below I’ll give you a […]

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4 things to know before you accept an Australian director position

By Vivian Michael | Business Structures , Startup

What does it mean to be a company director? we’ll take you through what should know about the key duties before you accept a director position. A company is operated by directors and secretaries. Both have obligations under Australian legislation.  Limited liability, the ability to allocate shares to investors and a favourable tax regime are all perks […]

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