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4 things to know before you accept an Australian director position

By Vivian Michael | Business Structures , Startup

What does it mean to be a company director? we’ll take you through what should know about the key duties before you accept a director position. A company is operated by directors and secretaries. Both have obligations under Australian legislation.  Limited liability, the ability to allocate shares to investors and a favourable tax regime are all perks […]

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How to use a founders agreement at your startup

By Vivian Michael | Startup , Startup Contracts

Your founders agreement describes how you and other founders will work together to launch and grow your startup. So what’s the benefit of a founder’s agreement ? For one, you can set clear expectations and minimise disputes. We’ll go through some other’s too. Why should I choose a founders agreement over an employment agreement ?Firstly, unlike an employment agreement, all […]

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